Passenger Experience

AAHK is investing in upgrading facilities and services to deliver an enriched airport experience and prepare HKIA as an airport for the future. This includes the adoption of the latest technologies at passenger checkpoints to enable a touchless and seamless airport experience. Our aim is to provide a safe and smooth journey for our passengers.

An airport for the future

HKIA is introducing new or upgrading existing facilities and services to enhance the passenger experience. We have adopted a biometric system that enables passengers to clear pre-boarding checkpoints using their biometric features. In preparation for the introduction of the single token journey, we integrated biometric modules into various passenger checkpoints, such as smart check-in kiosks, self bag drop facilities and e-Security Gates. Moreover, Terminal 1 is undergoing a series of enhancement projects, such as additional check-in counters, boarding gate transformation, refurbished washrooms, and new shower facilities, to rejuvenate the terminal building with a fresh and modern new look.

Key initiatives

  • Biometric modules are being integrated into various passenger checkpoints, such as smart check-in kiosks, self bag drop facilities and e-Security Gates, as part of a plan to implement a touchless travel experience next year.

  • e-Security Gates are being installed at transfer checkpoints in the passenger terminals to help expedite passenger flow.

  • A prototype e-Boarding Gate that will automate pre-boarding identity checks was built and is undergoing testing with airlines. Around 400 e-Boarding Gates will be installed throughout the terminals by 2021/22.

  • A new aisle with 48 additional check-in counters, self bag drop facilities, and two baggage reclaim carousels have been added to the T1 Extension.

  • A four-month trial of ‘Smartlane’ was conducted to speed up passenger processing at security checkpoints.

  • A food ordering service for diners to order meals via their mobile devices or self-service kiosks was introduced at the East Hall food court.

  • HKairport Shop has shortened the order lead time by 50% to 90 minutes and increased the number of items offered by about 60% to 5,700.

T1 Extension and the new aisle
Self-service kiosks at the East Hall food court

Customer satisfaction

We achieved an overall satisfaction score of 4.87 in the 2019 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey managed by Airports Council International (ACI), meeting our target for 2019/20.

Annual overall satisfaction score

Index of complaints