World-class Gateway

We are committed to strengthening HKIA’s position as a world-class airport and a gateway for Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to the world.

As we remain focused on our long-term vision, we are continually upgrading HKIA’s services and facilities to give passengers a safe journey and a fresh airport experience.

2019/20 highlights


overall satisfaction score in the ASQ Survey


additional check-in counters
have been added to the
T1 Extension


seminars, campaigns and training sessions were conducted to reinforce our emergency response capabilities


  • Maintain an overall satisfaction score of at least 4.87 in the ASQ Survey

    in 2020

  • Complete a climate resilience study

    in 2021/22

  • Transform 49 boarding gates in Terminal 1

    by 2021/22

  • Install around 400 e-boarding gates throughout the terminals

    by 2021/22

Passenger Experience

We are investing in upgrading facilities and services to deliver an enriched airport experience and prepare HKIA as an airport for the future, which includes the adoption of the latest technologies to enable a touchless and seamless airport experience.

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Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety of our passengers, staff and airport operations is always our first priority. We operate an airport-wide safety management system which provides a robust framework for managing safety at HKIA.

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Case Study: Precautionary measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 at HKIA

Q&A with Peggy Chiu, Assistant General Manager, Passenger Services

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Contingency Planning

We have put in place systems and processes to predict, identify, manage and minimise the associated risks, and formulated various contingency response plans.

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