Strengthening Corporate Culture

Embedding AAHK’s ‘5Cs’ core values and corporate culture across the organisation is key to sustaining our long-term success.

AAHK’s '5Cs' Core Values


  • Care for people

  • Care for environment


  • Can-do attitude

  • Willing to walk the extra mile


  • Embrace change

  • Think out of the box

Continuous improvement

  • Strive for excellence

  • Continuous learning


  • Teamwork

  • Partnership

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement

The Work Improvement Team (WIT) programme continued to empower AAHK’s frontline staff to develop innovative ideas and generate creative solutions to improve operational performance. In its fourth year, more than 200 staff from nine departments took part in the programme and implemented 37 new improvement projects. To promote continuous work improvement across the airport community, AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited was invited to share their project ideas at the WIT Convention.

The 2019 AAHK WIT Convention
WIT Grand Award - Gold recipients - Bag to the Future and Driverless
WIT Grand Award - Silver & Most Creative recipient - Slurpee
WIT Grand Award - Bronze & Best Presentation Award recipient - Five Guys
Certificate of Excellence recipient - Good Idea
Certificate of Excellence recipient - One Team
Certificate of Merit recipient - Aqua Barrier Feeder
Certificate of Merit recipient - TRD Hong Kong
Certificate of Merit recipient - Round Two
Certificate of Merit recipient - Human "B"ing

Recognising outstanding performance

The Staff Recognition Programme awards outstanding teams and individuals for demonstrating exemplary achievements and performance along AAHK’s core values. Our Chief Executive Officer presented the awards to seven outstanding teams and four outstanding employees at our annual dinner in January 2020.

Outstanding Employee Award recipient - Joe Wai
Outstanding Employee Award recipient - Sunny Wong
Outstanding Employee Award recipient - Fung Ho Man
Outstanding Employee Award recipient - Audrey Yiu
Outstanding Team Award recipient - Augmented Airfield Services System ("AS2")
Outstanding Team Award recipient - Measles Response Team
Outstanding Team Award recipient - AGLSIS
Outstanding Team Award recipient - SaveLife Angels
Outstanding Team Award recipient - Fire Flighters
Outstanding Team Award recipient - Autonomous Baggage Mover
Outstanding Team Award recipient - ACI WAGA 2019

Caring for staff well-being

To take care of both the physical and mental wellness of our people, we continued to organise wellness workshops and health talks and introduced on-site professional counselling services. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we focused our efforts on ensuring the safety and well-being of our people and implemented various health protection measures, including work-from-home arrangement, provision of face masks and hand sanitiser to AAHK staff, stepped-up disinfection of office areas and a declaration mechanism for high-risk staff. We also allowed for flexibility in work arrangements including staggered work hours for back-office staff, smart casual attire for non-uniformed staff, and the arrangement of virtual meetings.

Case Study: Safeguarding AAHK staff from COVID-19

Maggie Chan, Senior Manager, Administration (left), Queena Pun (middle) and Lily Heo, General Manager, Procurement (right)

Q&A with Queena Pun, General Manager, HR Relationship Management

What are the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 beginning in early 2020 has posed extraordinary and unprecedented challenges to us, presenting a pressing need to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees while maintaining the operation of HKIA. The fast-changing and uncertain development of the pandemic situation, coupled with the shortage of personal protective items like face masks in the market during the early stage of pandemic outbreak, caused a lot of anxiety and worries among our employees.

Our ‘5Cs’ core values have never been more important as the key principles guiding us through this challenging time. The pandemic has demonstrated how critical it is to show care, be empathic and supportive to our staff. We have to closely monitor the development of COVID-19, be prompt in devising corresponding precautionary measures and to keep our employees informed of the arrangements.

How is AAHK protecting its staff during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 at the workplace, we implemented a series of precautionary measures aiming to keep our employees safe and healthy. We introduced new flexible work arrangements including work from home for non-operational staff engaged in non-essential services, and staggered hours for those who are required to return to the office for work. For operations that are critical to AAHK and HKIA, where it is operationally feasible, arrangements for a “split office” for staff to work in separate locations and “split teams” for staff to work from home in alternate patterns have been implemented, to mitigate the risk of cross infection and disruption to the core operations and services.

Apart from introducing new work arrangements, we gave our employees personal protective items, including face masks and hand sanitisers. This was particularly crucial when these items were in short supply at the beginning of the outbreak. We distributed face masks to not only our employees but also their family members. This would not have been possible without the strong support of our Procurement Department, which went the extra mile to explore every possible source to procure face masks. I would also like to express my appreciation to the Administration Department for their efforts in distributing face masks to our employees promptly and regularly, and implementing precautionary and disinfection measures at the workplace. Temperature screening was arranged for employees and guests entering our office buildings. New techniques have also been deployed to disinfect the workplace and enhance office hygiene – for example, by applying an antimicrobial disinfection coating, which could destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces for up to 30 days, in public areas of our office buildings and the interiors of all our vehicles.

How is AAHK keeping its staff informed and engaged?

We disseminate timely updates to our employees whenever there are new arrangements in response to the pandemic situation and government’s precautionary and quarantine measures. As the pandemic situation has called for a need to maintain social distancing, we have made use of various digital platforms to keep our employees connected and engaged. Many of our communication and staff engagement activities, including the annual town hall meeting, have transitioned to an online format.

In particular, we understand that their health and well-being is our employees’ prime concern during this pandemic period. We therefore arranged webinars covering a variety of health and well-being topics, as a substitute for face-to-face wellness talks. In April and May 2020, the AA Staff Club also organised free online physical fitness training classes to encourage our employees to exercise more.

How is business continuity maintained during this unprecedented time?

Being flexible and adaptive through increasing usage of technology is helping us to maintain business continuity. As we switched away from the usual face-to-face meetings and activities, we trialled different platforms to see which one works better for different types of events. With full support from our IT Department, the progress towards digitalisation has been greatly accelerated, with our meetings, trainings, recruitment interviews and staff events transitioning to an online format. We also developed new guidelines and added new online training courses to support our employees in their usage of these platforms.

What was the key highlight and lesson learnt through these special arrangements and measures during the COVID-19 pandemic?

While COVID-19 has presented us with uncertainties and challenges, the pandemic has brought about changes with positive outcomes. We have built a stronger sense of cohesion, as the challenges brought by the pandemic have called for even closer collaboration among different departments and teams. Also, we have become more adaptive in using new and innovative solutions, which led to the acceleration of our digital transformation. Last but not least, our ability to acquire new skills and embrace change has been enhanced, which will better prepare us for the new normal when COVID-19 subsides.