Enhancing Staff Engagement

Our success is built upon an engaged workforce sharing the same vision and values to make HKIA the pride of Hong Kong.

Competitive remuneration

AAHK strives to offer a competitive remuneration package, including medical and dental coverage, insurance plans, retirement schemes and various work-related allowances and leave entitlements, to our staff. In 2019/20, we enhanced the annual leave entitlement and medical coverage as part of the on-going caring effort to improve staff benefits and welfare.

Employee communication

We cascade corporate messages, listen to employees’ voices, and promote cross-departmental communication through various communication platforms under the Employee Communication Framework to facilitate an open communication culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Employee Communication Framework

Cascade Corporate Message

  • Dialogue with Chairman
    The Chairman shares his thoughts on the future outlook of HKIA with senior staff members and provides encouragement to the team in meeting future challenges.

  • Town Hall Meeting
    The Chief Executive Officer shares the latest plans and updates of AAHK with all staff annually.

Listen to Employees’ Voices

  • HR Outreach Programme
    HR colleagues reach out to frontline staff at their workplace to better understand the challenges they face and facilitate appropriate support.

  • Mingling with Management
    Regular mingling sessions are organised to enhance direct communications between senior management and staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

Promote Cross Departmental / Team Communication

  • Cross-departmental Team Building Programme
    Following the completion of a previous two-year programme, a second round of the team building programme has commenced with a session for the senior management held in October 2019.

  • Business Talk Series
    Division and department heads share the latest developments and corporate initiatives in their areas of responsibility.

AA Staff Club

The AA Staff Club, sponsored by AAHK, organises sports, social, recreational and interest group activities for our staff to enhance their well-being.