Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability vision

AAHK’s sustainability vision is to strengthen HKIA’s ability to operate and grow profitably in a changing and challenging economic, ecological, technological and social environment, while developing a robust culture of sustainability throughout the organisation.

Sustainability management structure

Within AAHK, sustainability is managed through different entities within the organisation. The current management structure is illustrated in the diagram below. AAHK’s corporate governance framework and practices are outlined in the Corporate Governance section of our 2019/20 Annual Report.

Board level
Business Development Committee

  • The Business Development Committee has the mandate to oversee AAHK’s sustainability, as stated in its Terms of Reference.

Senior management level
Executive Director, Third Runway

  • The Executive Director, Third Runway (EDTR), has the overall responsibility for AAHK’s sustainability management and performance.

Department level
Sustainability Department

  • Under the EDTR, the Sustainability Department is responsible for developing and rolling out AAHK’s sustainability strategy, management and reporting systems.

Cross-functional level
Sustainability Working Group

  • The Sustainability Working Group comprises representatives from departments across AAHK who support the development of AAHK’s sustainability reporting and framework.

Management approach

AAHK is responsible for the operation and development of HKIA. The delivery of many services related to the airport’s operational functions are outsourced to franchisees, tenants and government departments. We have therefore adopted a three-pronged approach to the overall sustainability management of HKIA. The principles of ‘Control, Guide and Influence’ reflect the different levels of control we exercise over the various aspects of airport operation.