Community Investment

AAHK’s community investment vision is to contribute to the social and economic growth of Hong Kong, in particular Lantau and other neighbouring communities, by nurturing talent, realising the potential of individuals, and encouraging participation in aviation-related industries.

Our flagship EXTRA MILE project brings together our business partners, non-governmental organisations, and neighbourhoods near the airport in an innovative community investment partnership. Its three component programmes aim to develop and nurture talent, promote social mobility, and contribute to the development of HKIA and the community.

During its second year, 28 business partners participated in the project with more than 100 young people and non-Chinese speakers matched with jobs at HKIA under the Working Holiday@Lantau and The Pioneer programmes. Since the project started, EduCare has provided after-school care to some 200 primary school students.

EduCare – A tutor is providing after-school tutorial to a group of primary school students whose parents are working at HKIA.
Working Holiday@Lantau – A visit to Seoul’s Incheon International Airport enabled participants to understand the operations of another leading airport in Asia.
The Pioneer – A Cultural Diversity Appreciation Day at HKIA is promoting a culturally-inclusive workplace at HKIA by helping airport community staff to understand the cultures and traditions of non-Chinese speakers.