Careers at HKIA

We strive to attract new talent with diverse backgrounds and expertise to join the HKIA team and support the smooth operation of HKIA. As part of our drive to secure sufficient workforce for HKIA’s current operations and planned expansion, we are continuing our efforts to enhance working conditions and to attract and nurture talent.

Enhancing working conditions

  • 92 daily bus trips between HKIA and other parts of Hong Kong were added or enhanced with midnight express services and adjusted schedules.

  • Additional staff amenities, including a community centre, a multi-purpose sports hall and fitness centre, and a staff canteen will be included in the new complex under the extension of Car Park 4, are expected to open in 2021. We will also open a second preschool in 2021/22.

Attracting and nurturing talent

  • The eighth HKIA Career Expo was held in May 2019, with over 4,000 positions offered by more than 40 companies across the airport community.

  • We regularly organise talks and visits to the airport for students from secondary schools and higher education institutions. In 2019/20, we hosted airport visits and briefings for over 3,200 teachers and students.

  • An eight-week summer internship programme was offered to over 110 students from seven local universities, five overseas universities, and vocational education institutions preparing them for the real-life work environment.

  • To establish Hong Kong’s position as a regional civil aviation training hub, the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA) delivered over 1,300 courses to over 41,000 participants, including a new introductory air traffic control course approved by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

  • Airports Council International accredited the HKIAA as a regional training centre.

  • The International Civil Aviation Organisation approved HKIAA’s second standard training package, paving the way for more internationally recognised courses.

  • The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications accredited one new diploma programme and one new professional diploma programme in aviation management and operations offered by the HKIAA.

  • HKIAA collaborated with local institutions and private training bodies to establish the Corporate Tech Academy Network to promote vocational and professional education.

Case Study: Introductory Air Traffic Control (ATC) Course

Q&A with Donald Leung, Manager, Course Development, Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and Tiffany Yeung, Assistant Manager, Retail Experience, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Part A – Questions for Donald

What is the significance of offering an introductory ATC course at HKIAA?

ATC is an essential part of aviation, providing air navigation services to ensure the safe and efficient movement of aircraft through controlled airspace. However, there aren’t many avenues for people with an interest in ATC to explore the field in Hong Kong. Without a good understanding of the field, it can be difficult to determine whether pursuing a career in ATC is really the right choice for an individual. At HKIAA, we are one of the few institutions in Hong Kong offering an introductory ATC course that provides a quick-access opportunity for prospective air traffic controllers to gain a better understanding and be familiarised with the nature of the work.

How does the ATC course contribute to nurturing talent for HKIA?

Our one-day course provides participants with a high-level view of ATC, including the training and skillsets required to be a licenced air traffic controller, and the responsibilities and technical knowledge required for various ATC-related roles. By providing ATC-specific educational programmes, we aim to inspire and attract prospective trainees with career aspirations in the field and support Hong Kong’s air traffic service needs.

Part B – Questions for Tiffany

Please tell us about yourself and what sparked your interest in aviation.

In 2016, I joined AAHK as a management trainee, with a strong passion of developing my career in the aviation industry. During the three-year placement period, I worked at different core departments within AAHK, such as the Airfield Department, to gain skills and hands-on experience across a variety of airport operational functions. I also developed a growing interest in different aspects of airport management and operations during my rotations across the airport. My growing understanding of the industry has inspired me to work towards becoming an aviation professional.

What attracted you to join this introductory course?

What do air traffic controllers do? ATC is unique in itself as it is a critical function of airport operations, yet there is a lot mystery surrounding the job as it is a much-specialised function not managed by AAHK. The one-day ATC course is the perfect opportunity to peer into this critical aspect of airport operations and is taught by an experienced course instructor highly praised by my colleagues.

How has the course prepared you to move closer to your career aspirations at AAHK?

After three years at HKIA, the allure of working at the airport is not fading away. This is a fascinating place full of new things to learn and interesting people to meet. The ATC course reaffirmed my interest in the multifaceted nature of airport operations. I continue to look out for other airport-related courses to attend to broaden my knowledge of the industry. Right here, the sky is the limit.